Monday, October 22, 2012

September Part 1

September has by far, been my most favorite month up here.  And I am betting it on the fact that I had visitors, pretty much the entire month.  I MISS being around family, and so this was pure bliss for me!

Our first visitors: The Seamons clan

The Camrons' wanted to see the coast, so we headed over to the peninsula and the rain forest.  
 With 4 adults, one moody 8 year old, two emotional 5 year olds, and 2 very quick toddlers ... we had many "National Lampoon" vacation moments.  I seriously have not laughed so hard, in a while.  I loved every minute of it!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the scenery.  It was absolutely breath taking

 The Spit in Sequim

Hurricane Ridge

La Push Beach near Forks

Hoh Rain Forest
(no doctoring this picture.  the pond was that clear)

Ruby Beach

My sister in law Cameron, takes great pictures!  Here are some more really cute ones, that I am dying to show off!!

If you feel a bit like you have just got done looking through one of those tourists books, good ... then I have done my job.  Since all of my guests have come and gone, I am looking for new recruits!

More of the Seamons clan to come ....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Summer In A Glance

Since I am soooo far behind on my postings, here is a quick peak of how we spent our short lived Seattle summer
End of June:  Rock'n'Roll with Crystal
Aunt Kim & Miss London come for a visit
Olivia had her 1st friend birthday party and got her ears pierced

We headed to Utah for the 4th and Olivia's real birthday

 And did a whole lot of this ...
Horse riding lessons
The Oregon Coast
Golden Gardens (Seattle's "beach")
 Great Wolf Lodge with the cousins (not my best picture, but my only one)

So this pretty much sums up our summer, and we have had a GREAT one too!  Full of lots of new things, and lots of hanging out with family!!

On another note ... I have finally come to terms with our life in Seattle.  Living up here, is definitely a learning curve.  It's hard to explain unless, you have spent an ample amount of time up here.  The weather, the people, the driving (oh the driving ... I am embarrassed to say, but road rage it at an all time high) ... is all so different.  And I may not sound like it, but I am grateful for the experience.  I am definitely more appreciative for things that we didn't even think twice about before moving here, like the SUN

Monday, April 30, 2012

Tulip Festival

 There were fields and fields, of tulips and daffodils.  Never in my life have I seen, so many flowers.  Nor varieties of tulips.  It was absolutely breath taking!

Boys Will Be Boys

 This little guy is such a boy.  He loves to fly down the hill on the plasma car, run around and play in the grass and dirt, and he even loves to jump off the couch.  I have a feeling there will be more
wrapped up arms in the future.  And yes... at one point... both of the boys in our house, each had a
gimpy left arm.


Chiki has been in need of having shoulder surgery, since before moving from Colorado.  Two moves later ... YES!  Another few months, and I can finally give him a hard core honey-do list

Chiki in his dashing duds
 He is now the proud owner of 3 holes

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Big 1

So the real reason that Gma & Gpa came out, was not to see me and catch up with their totally awesome middle child.  They came out to celebrate this little guy's 1st birthday!

Everything has been so different with the little man, from the very beginning.  We found out what we were having before he was born, I pretty much knew when he was gong to be born, and the biggest thing was... he was a BOY.  Boy oh boy! This was going to be a whole new territory for me.  So far we have survived, and he actually adds in that little extra testosterone that was needed to balance out the house!

Ty is such a boy.  He loves to play with trucks, and to throw a ball.  He will eat anything he can get in his mouth, and loves to climb/snoop.  He really loves his daddy and big sister Hannah (me & Olivia are apparently chopped liver ha ha).  And as you can see,Ty has these really big, beautiful blue eyes and already knows how to throw on the charm.  Watch out ladies wink wink!
Ty & His #1
 Poor Boy Waiting To Open Presents.  His Sisters Thought He Needed To Be Sitting (Lasted 2 Seconds)
Ty brings so many smiles to each of our faces everyday, and I cannot imagine our lives without him.  This next year will be lots of fun, watching his little attitude/personality transpire, and seeing how he handles the big boss Olivia ha ha

Happy Birthday little dude! We sure do love you!!